We represent clients in Federal Immigration Courts in all 50 states defending them in removal proceedings and helping to apply for available relief to allow them to remain with their families in the United States.

When you or your loved one is placed in removal (formerly “deportation”) proceedings, whether upon arrival to the United States or after many years in the country, it becomes a horrific experience for the entire family, as the consequences of deportation could be very grave, tearing apart families and affecting the future of innocent children.

Depending, among other factors, on their background, length of residency and family ties in the United States, circumstances in the home country, et cetera, a person may be eligible to various forms of relief from “removal”, including an application for Asylum and Withholding of Removal, Cancellation of Removal (for LPR or Non-LPR clients), Adjustment of Status, and certain other forms of relief.

In certain circumstances, a client may also be eligible to apply for a waiver of the grounds that make her “removable” from the United States and we assist clients with preparing and filing such applications and requests.

For individuals help in detention by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) or Customs ad Border Patrol (“CBP”), we provide assistance with applications for release on bond or requests for parole.

Additionally, whenever the person is eligible, we help our clients to apply for and maintain an Employment Authorization allowing them to work in the United States pending their immigration proceedings.

We represent clients at all stages of administrative and judicial proceedings, including motions and appeals with the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”) and U.S. Federal Courts of Appeals.

No matter how simple or complication your situation might be, we will work on your matter with diligence and devotion. We will be here for you to answer your questions and guide you step-by-step along the process to alleviate frustration and anxiety inherent in immigration proceedings.


  • Provide counsel and representation in removal proceedings
  • Request prosecutorial discretion from the federal government
  • Defensive applications for asylum, withholding of removal, and cancellation of removal

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